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Fine bone china lighting
beautifully British made


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Extravagant and luxurious, these table lights have a 24-carat gold plated base.


The lampshade is cast in bone china in Stoke on Trent.

The base of the light is cast in metal, polished and then carefully plated in 24-carat gold or powder coated by London based, manufacturers.

The twisted satin flex is produced in Belfast to our precise colour requirements.


There are five options available in this range.

Colour of flex

Although the standard colour flex for this product is silver white, we can assemble any of our lights with any of the colours that we carry in stock. The colours can be found in the Flex and Accessories section.

You simply order your light online and email us with the colour that you prefer and we’ll email back to confirm.

Length of flex

The standard length of flex on this light is 2m.

If you require a longer length, you simply need to order your light online and then email us with the length that you require and we’ll email back to confirm.

Light bulb

The table lights require an E14 screw bulb, which is a standard European fitting. Light bulbs are available in the Flex and Accessories section of this website. We recommend the use of LED light bulbs and not halogen for our products.

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