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Fine bone china lighting
beautifully British made


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This twisted flex comes in a beautiful satin finish. We carry 30 different flex colours in stock. Simply choose a colour in the drop down menu.

For 2 metres of flex simply chose a quantity of 2 in the drop down menu, for 3 metres choose 3 etc. We do not cut the flex into 1 metre lengths. For 2 metres you will recieve 2 complete metres and for 3 metres you will recieve 3 etc.

The flex is double insulated and two core, it is supplied with a 100mm strip of transparent heat shrink sleeving to stop the flex from fraying when cut. Heat shrink sleeving is easy to use with a hot air gun or even a hairdryer!

The flex is beautifully produced in the UK.

1 000 mm
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Small item £5.00
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up to 1 week(s)