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Brass Wall Peg


This clever wall peg is made from solid brass that has been turned with a small channel for the flex of your light to sit securely in. 

The peg is supplied with a clever screw; one end fits into the brass peg and one end goes into your wall. 

The peg will accomodate any light with a shade of up to 170mm diameter, any larger than that and your shade will touch the wall, which could also look nice!

Below is a list of the lights that we think work well with this wall peg:
Star, Large, Fancy Round, Fancy Half, Fancy Tall and Fancy Waffle.

If you want to order one of our lights to go with this wall peg, get in touch by email and we can help you with your order. 

We can assemble any of our lights with 2 metres of flex in any colour and a 3 pin plug to use as wall lights. We also add a small 3 hole cord grip to the flex so that your light will not slip.

25 mm
90 mm
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