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Marie Claire Maison

Marie Claire Maison


Marie Claire Maison contacted me to do a feature about my work and home. They came over for a few days and took some wonderful shots of the products using the house as a backdrop. Click on the link below to read the article. You will need to be able to read French though!

  • I often use a wooden step ladder to hang products on and test out arrangements, the shot features the ladder with a 16 cluster light in the background with my grandmother’s dining table taking centre stage. The images were created with a photographer and a stylist over a few days. I really love these shots and they are a great record of my home.
  • A nice airy shot showing my living space with some items I’ve picked up during visits to my parents holiday home in Scotland. The Star Light is featured here, hanging from the alcove between the two rooms. The red Kartell nest of stacking tables were a real find at a jumble sale in a tiny village hall one Sunday morning. The top one has a sun bleached mark from having a doiley paced on it for years by it’s previous owner!
  • I love to buy vintage or antique pieces for the garden and mix them with newer items. The Maire Claire team arranged them beautifully for the shots they took in my garden. They where lucky enough to catch it during some sunshine in spring!
  • Always a bit shy of having my portrait taken, thats why I’ve decided to try to hide behind the stairs! You notice Hella Jongerius’s vase in the foreground. Her work crops up in a lot in the pictures of my home as I’m a big fan.
  • It’s always interesting when someone new comes into your home, they tend to see things in a new light. The Maire Claire team took this shot showing a floor with vintage linoleum aquired from my neighbour’s house were it had been hidden for over fifty years! My jewellery and beads hang from an upholstery spring above the fireplace.
  • Capturing the light thrown out by the Victorian stained glass work, my front door is nice backdrop to the side board showing some Milkki jugs and the Spindle Table Light. You may notice Hella Jongerius’s vase in the lower left corner. Her work crops up in a lot in the pictures of my home as I’m a big fan.
  • This detail shot of the Milkii Jug shows how the jug can feel at home on the kitchen table along with vintage cups and table mats.
  • More of a detail shot, this time showing a range of my Decanters, one has a bespoke stopper containing hole punched off cuts. Just on the edge of the shot you’ll notice a lovely example of the Vintage Tea Light with a particularly delicate frosted glass shade.