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Pottery Banding Wheel


This product is die-cast in London and is made from corrosion resistant aluminium. The top plate runs smoothly on high quality bronze bearings. It has handy circles that are CNC machined into the plate for centreing work and has small lugs cast underneath the plate so that you can  turn the plate steadily and easily.

This pottery banding wheel was designed and produced in London by Maybrey Reliance, my families London based die and sand casting foundry. They originally produced pottery banding wheels or whirlers as they are called, for the Fulham Pottery way back in the 1970's. 

It is available in a natural machined finish or with a yellow powder coated base.

Designed by Douglas Hills

250 mm
UK delivery cost: 
Medium item £7.00
Lead time: 
up to 1 week(s)